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Flyboard Italy

is the story of Flyboard, in Italy!
Since 2012 (immediately after the presentation of the product) Flyboard has imported and made known by Flyboard Italy. Thanks to the spirit of initiative of Walter and his team (Claudio, Fabrizio, Barbara, Massimo, Cristian Davide), the flyboard has imposed on beaches throughout Italy and has entered the homes of Italians with shows such as Tu si Que Vales (Canal 5) and Nissan the Quest (Sky sport 2). Today it is a sport well known by everyone.
More and more athletes are emerging and more and more schools are born in the territory, where it is possible to learn with qualified instructors in total safety and reliability.
Currently Flyboard Italia is presented as the focal point for the event, thanks to the numerous shows that it carries by the collaboration with the best national athletes and their sports associations; events that over the years have brought us to China, Switzerland, Portugal, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and of course throughout Italy. Dal 2012, cioè subito dopo la presentazione del prodotto, lo ha importato e fatto conoscere. Grazie allo spirito di iniziativa di Walter e del suo team (Claudio, Fabrizio, Barbara, Massimo, Cristian Davide), il flyboard si è imposto sulle spiagge di tutta Italia ed è entrato nelle case degli italiani con spettacoli quali Tu si Que Vales (Canale 5) e Nissan the Quest (Sky sport 2). Oramai è uno sport conosciuto da tutti.
Sempre più atleti emergono e sempre più scuole nascono sul territorio, dove è possibile imparare con istruttori qualificati in totale sicurezza e affidabilità.
Attualmente Flyboard Italia si presenta come il focal point per le richieste di eventi, grazie ai numerosi spettacoli che porta avanti grazie alla collaborazione con i migliori atleti nazionali e le loro associazioni sportive; eventi che negli anni ci hanno portato in Cina, Svizzera, Portogallo, Dubai, Abu dhabi e ovviamente in tutta Italia.


ZAPATA RACING, a French company, the brainchild of Franky Zapata, known world champion jet skis, began developing the Flyboard® during the spring of 2011. The strength of the team is the experience gained in the production of jet skis, used both for fun and for international competition. Experience that has resulted in the creation of several prototypes. Result of these efforts, the design and production of a kit that was capable of hovering in the air as well as dive into the same way as a dolphin. when Franky well managed to stabilize the kit and improved intuitiveness of the flight and propulsion, the Flyboard® was presented for the first time during the Jet skis World Championships held in China in November 2011. And from that moment innovations follow each other year after year...